M4 iPad Pro Hands-On, ChatGPT-4o vs. Google AI Arms Race, “I Liked the Internet”

We go hands-on with Apple's M4 iPad Pro and why it may be the perfect iPad, OpenAI releases GPT-4o as it races against Google Gemini, Apple announces incredible new accessibility features, and Jason tries to convince Stephen he’s using Apple Pencil wrong.

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Links from the show
  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (05:17) - iPad Review Timeline
  • (08:52) - M4 iPad Pro Impressions
  • (22:13) - Tandem OLED + Nano-Texture
  • (29:21) - New Magic Keyboard
  • (35:31) - Member Thank You
  • (37:21) - ChatGPT 4o
  • (48:09) - Google I/O 2024
  • (54:19) - Future of Web Search
  • (01:04:44) - I Liked The Internet
  • (01:13:22) - iOS 18 Accessibility Features
  • (01:16:20) - Apple Pencil Debate
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Creators and Guests

Jason Aten
Jason Aten
Contributing Editor/Tech Columnist @Inc | Get my newsletter: https://t.co/BZ5YbeSGcS | Email me: me@jasonaten.net
Stephen Robles
Stephen Robles
Making technology more useful for everyone 📺 video and podcast creator 🎼 musical theater kid at heart
M4 iPad Pro Hands-On, ChatGPT-4o vs. Google AI Arms Race, “I Liked the Internet”
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