WWDC 2024 Announced, Amazon Can Read Your Palm, Apple Sues Over Leaks

Apple officially announces WWDC 2024 for June 10-14 with some allusions to a focus on AI, Apple sues an ex-employee for leaking info on products, DOJ sues Apple, Amazon releases a new app that can read your palm, and creepy iPhone settings, explained.

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Links from the show
  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (02:05) - Jason's Surprise
  • (04:20) - WWDC 2024
  • (11:07) - Apple Sues Leaker
  • (16:59) - DOJ Sues Apple
  • (28:25) - Phil Schiller Profile
  • (32:06) - Amazon Palm Reading
  • (33:51) - Threads in the Fediverse
  • (40:05) - Member Thanks
  • (41:51) - Weird iPhone Privacy Settings
  • (47:09) - Canva Aquires Affinity
  • (49:53) - Disney+ and Streaming
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WWDC 2024 Announced, Amazon Can Read Your Palm, Apple Sues Over Leaks
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