M3 MacBook Air Hands-On and Epic Apple Drama in the EU

Jason has the new M3 MacBook Air in-hand to review on the show, plus we delve into the controversy surrounding the termination of Epic Games' latest developer account, Apple’s $2 billion fine in the EU, and Apple Maps vs. Google Maps.

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Links from the show
  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (05:01) - Embargo Shenanigans
  • (07:33) - M3 MacBook Air Review
  • (25:33) - Sponsor: OneTap
  • (30:03) - Epic Games v. Apple
  • (43:19) - EC Fines Apple $2B
  • (51:39) - Alt Web Browsers
  • (54:49) - Apple Maps vs. Google Maps
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Jason Aten
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Stephen Robles
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M3 MacBook Air Hands-On and Epic Apple Drama in the EU
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